Gren Bartley


What to say about the sparkling, wonderful, Mr Bartley.

I remember the first time I saw him play at a Running Horse open mike session in Nottingham. His unassuming, cheerful presence was unexpectedly magnetic. As soon as he started playing that intricate, precise, lilting guitar -- his trademark -- the room fell silent and settled down to listen.

Thousands of hours of gigging all over the country later his vocals are stronger and his musicality has deepened. Unfortunately, he has also taken up the banjo for some numbers. But it's still the same magical Gren.

When he started branching out into traditional blues and asked if I'd sit in I couldn't be more delighted. I particularly enjoyed our foray into the land of leather hats, harmonica bandoliers, and scuffling Welshmen at the Tenby Blues Festival. 

We've vaguely pencilled in a joint piece of work at some point in the future. I really hope it comes off. Here's an early attempt:

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