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The coolest lounge/swing band has been on the road since 1997.

The band is fired by Steve Pinnock's astonishing jazz and acoustic guitar skills and lit up by Roger Bird's stage presence and vocal renditions. Simon Patterson's subtle and smart bass playing is always a joy. 

I've so many great memories of playing with these guys and it's a great privilege for a dilettanti like me to be on stage with such consummate musicians. Due to various pressures I’ve now retired but with the fondest memories.

Swing seems to be surprisingly cool right now and we've had a great bunch of young people eating it up at every gig we've done recently.

They're currently performing regularly at Nottingham and Birmingham venues, plus a busy function diary.

Here's a good example of our work durimg my time with them which was such a hoot to make:

The band's extremely versatile and ranges from floor-shaking, bop-tip-you drop full-on-ness to laid back and subtle. Here's an example of the latter:

I particularly like this. Our live performance at Nottingham’s famous Rock City.

Unexpectedly, Steve Pinnock posted this tribute to my years in the band. Set to his superb arrangement of Eden Ahbez’s masterpiece “Nature Boy”, it’s actually the last studio recording we made together. Click to play...

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