Scratch Band

I suppose it's all the fault of me old mucker Andy Bottley. After a long dry patch in the early 80's I met up with Andy through working alongside his inestimable partner Jules.

Andy & I hit it off immediately and couldn't stop talking about the Blues and how it should be played. We ended up taking the plunge and forming the Scratch Band. I suppose we ended up playing half a dozen gigs in total -- a couple of which will go down in my annals of cringe with a score of eleven.

However, all those hours of practice made a huge difference to both of our confidence and skills.

Andy went on to play as tight as f*** Le Chic style guitar fills for Dr Luurve :*) I went on to Mood Indigo.

We met up again last year for a reunion gig in Cambridgeshire and a jam down the local pub. Huge fun and good evidence that he's never lost the feel.

A couple of samplers:

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